Français : Œil de gecko

Français : Œil de gecko (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

My name is Richard Simpson (writing as Gecko1000) and I’m a consultant, trainer and coach. I’m fascinated by people, how we behave and why. Most of my blog posts will cover aspects of psychology as applied in real world situations.

I am also a writer and run my own Public Relations consultancy, so you will see some Posts riffing on my one-man war against the profession which has earned me a living for the past 20+ years. Ungrateful, I know.

I hope you find my Blog interesting. Feel free to comment constructively. I particular appreciate comments which add to my knowledge, although I enjoy a good debate as much as the next man or woman.

Hope to hear from you some time – Love and Peace – Gecko1000


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