Train yourself in two minutes to be the best you can be

There is a fascinating presentation by psychologist Amy Cuddy on TED.

Starting out from a study of body language (non verbal behaviour) around power and dominance, she has discovered that not only can our minds dictate our behaviour, but our behaviour can change our minds. We can make ourselves more powerful and in control of situations by practising the body language of power and dominance!

She reckons two minutes of practising making our bodies bigger – it’s what animals do when expressing their dominance – can actually make us perform better. Two minutes of strutting, expanding our chests, holding our arms up in a triumphal ‘V’ actually helps our body produce the testosterone (the dominance hormone) needed to become the part we wish to play.

It will improve our chances of success in all socially evaluative situations – job interviews, promotion boards, dating that dream boy/girl, speaking in public…Go try it!


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